Build Your Own WiFi Hacking Tool with the Nugget!

By: Alex Lynd


In the first part of this workshop, you’ll be familiarized with soldering tools & techniques, and guided through assembling a "WiFi Nugget'' - your new cat-themed hacking companion! 

The kit comprises a cat-shaped PCB, screen, WiFi microcontroller, and 3D printed enclosure. In the second half, you’ll learn about Wardriving - a popular WiFi recon technique that involves driving past networks while performing automated scans - and how you can use your Nugget to capture wireless intelligence! 

You’ll be familiarized with various reconnaissance techniques, and will also write your own data analysis / map visualization scripts in Python to make the most of your reconnaissance. You’ll even participate in a mini WiFi foxhunting challenge!

This workshop is beginner friendly :)

** Attendees will get a FREE hardware kit for hands-on exercises in this workshop donated by the Red Team Village!

(c)2023, Red Team Village