Schedule: Day 1
Friday, August 12

The village opens at 11am PDT and closes at 5pm PDT. The Red Team Village will be in two main areas: the workshops, stations, and keynotes will be at the Flamingo (3rd floor) and the CTF will be at the contest area.

11AM - 12PMKeynote Panel - @_JohnHammond, @0dayCTF, and @Alh4zr3d moderated by @NAHAMSEC
12PM - 4PMHacking Active Directory Workshop
12PM - 4PMStations (mini workshops)
12PM - 4PMRed Team Village CTF (in the contest area)

Stations - Friday, Aug 12

Day 2
Saturday, August 13

The village opens at 10am PDT and closes at 5pm PDT

Stations - Saturday, Aug 13

Day 3
Sunday, August 14

The village opens at 10am PDT and closes at 12pm PDT

** The CTF Finals (Part 2) is in the Contest Area

Stations close at 5PM Showing entries (filtered from total entries)

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