How Most Internal Networks are Compromised

By: Scott Brink
Sung Gwan Choi


"Active Directory is the most common way to manage identities over large Windows centric environments. The most common avenue to accessing entire corporate networks is through their Active Directory infrastructure. This workshop will be taught by three penetration testers who specialize in Active Directory and it will be covering some of the most common attacks that are being exploited to this day!

This training will cover the following attacks:

- SCCM Relays and SCCM Vulnerabilities

- NTLM Relay

- LLMNR NBT-NS Poisoning 

- DHCPv6 Poisoning

- Multiple Active Directory Certificate Services attacks

- Kerberoasting

- AS-Rep Roasting

- Kerberos Delegation attacks

- Printerbug/SpoolSample

- PetitPotam

- NTLMv1 Downgrades

- noPac

- Shadow Credentials

- Password Reuse between accounts

- Shared Administrator Passwords

- Bloodhound usage

- Foreign Administrator privileges

- And more!

The objective of the workshop is to provide hands-on practical experiences to understand Active Directory risks. The workshop will start with the basics of Active Directory and deep dive into in depth hands on exploitation of multiple vulnerabilities.

Supporting documentation will be provided in person, final touches are being put on to it now. If needed earlier than the day of, it can be provided.

This documentation will contain step by step guides for the labs as well as further reading on every topic covered. 

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