Artificial Intelligence for Red Team Operations

By: Peter Halberg


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into red team operations has revolutionized the way cybersecurity professionals approach their work. With the aim of sharing valuable insights and practical knowledge, we propose an interactive workshop titled ""Integrating AI into Red Team Operations.""

This workshop will equip participants with the necessary skills and understanding to leverage AI tools effectively throughout different stages of red team operations. 


The workshop is divided into two main sections, with the first half focusing on utilizing public AI platforms and the second half delving into building personalized AI platforms. By striking a balance between introductory content and in-depth technical knowledge, we aim to cater to participants of varying skill levels.

Public AI Platforms:

The initial section of the workshop provides an overview of public AI platforms, including those for text, image, video, and audio analysis. Through engaging demonstrations and use cases, participants will gain insights into the power and versatility of these platforms within the context of red team operations. Specifically, we will explore the following scenarios:

Conducting Research and Reconnaissance:

Using GPT Chat, participants will learn how to extract valuable information about a target, such as corporate structure, employee details, software, and infrastructure. This knowledge will aid in effective planning and strategizing.

Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation:

Participants will discover how to leverage public chat bot platforms to identify vulnerabilities and craft well-crafted phishing emails. They will also explore the creation of tools for vulnerability identification, lateral movement, and privilege escalation.

Exfiltration and Covering Tracks:

In this segment, attendees will explore available tools and techniques for exfiltrating data and covering their tracks. Considerations such as sanitizing infrastructure information and dataset currency will be discussed to ensure ethical and responsible usage of AI platforms.

Building Your Own AI Platform Walkthrough:

The second half of the workshop takes a more technical approach, guiding participants through the process of building their own AI platforms using TensorFlow. Attendees who want to follow along and build the cyber security model, Being setup prior with TensorFlow working is required for those who want to get the most out of this part of the workshop. I recommend Ubuntu 20.04 in a virtual machine. While a foundational understanding of Python is recommended, expertise in Linux, web scraping, and API usage is not mandatory. Participants will learn the following steps:

Topic Selection and Dataset Creation:

Participants will choose a topic relevant to their red team operations and explore data sources required to build a comprehensive dataset. They will learn data collection techniques, including utilizing existing datasets, downloading files, web scraping, and making API queries.

Data Cleaning and Preprocessing:

This crucial step involves preparing the collected data for training by employing various cleaning and preprocessing techniques. Participants will understand the significance of data quality and how it affects model performance.

Model Training and Hyperparameter Configuration:

Participants will dive into the training phase by selecting an appropriate model framework and training algorithm. They will gain insights into configuring hyperparameters and optimizing the model for their specific use cases.

Implementing Use Cases and Resource Management:

Attendees will develop scripts to interact with the trained model file, understanding the memory requirements and resource management aspects. They will explore loading the model into memory and utilizing additional resources for efficient calculations.


The proposed workshop, ""Integrating AI into Red Team Operations,"" aims to equip participants with practical skills and knowledge to leverage AI effectively throughout various stages of red team operations. By covering both public AI platforms and building personalized AI platforms, we provide a comprehensive learning experience suitable for participants with different levels of expertise. We are confident that this workshop will empower cybersecurity professionals to enhance their red team operations and strengthen their defenses against evolving threats.

Duration: 2 hours

I. Introduction (10 minutes)

- Welcome and overview of the workshop

- Importance of integrating AI into red team operations

II. Public AI Platforms (40 minutes)

- Overview of different types of public platforms (text, image, video, audio)

- Demonstrations and use cases of using a public chat bot platform for different phases of a red team operation:

   - Research and reconnaissance on a target using GPT Chat for insights

   - Identifying vulnerabilities and crafting phishing emails

   - Creating tools to identify vulnerabilities and payloads

   - Lateral movement and privilege escalation using developed tools

   - Exfiltrating data and covering tracks

- Walkthroughs on creating tools with GPT Chat:

   - Port scanner, password sprayer, reverse shell, webscraper, and basic C2 framework

- Considerations when using public platforms:

   - Sanitizing infrastructure information

   - Dataset currency and relevance

III. Building Your Own AI Platform Walkthrough (70 minutes)

- Selecting a topic and use cases for the model file

- Researching data sources for creating a dataset

- Collecting data through available datasets, file downloads, webscraping, and API queries

- Cleaning and preprocessing data for training dataset

- Choosing a model framework and training algorithm

- Configuring hyperparameters and final pre-processing

- Implementing use cases with a script to interact with the model file

- Managing system resources and memory usage

IV. Conclusion (5 minutes)

- Recap of key points covered in the workshop

- Importance of ongoing learning and practice in AI integration for red team operations

- Q&A session (if time allows)"

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