Malware Hunting an Offensive Approach

By: Filipi Pires


Developing offensive thinking is the highlight of this training, you’ll be able to create different strategies to send some attacks and know how you can deliver that, and so on. 

Will have the experience of learning to execute several efficiency and detection tests in your lab environment, bringing the result of the defensive security analysis with an offensive mindset performed some types of the attacks that are used in cybercrime and being able to take practical actions to identify these threats. Understanding how Cyber Kill Chain works, learning Static and Dynamic Analysis of some types of files, and executing your own attacks... 

• What are Threats?

• Kill Chain / What are APTs?

• The Impact of APTs on the Market

• _Practical_Malware Analysis 

• Phases for Malware Analysis 

• First Steps to Malware Analysis

• _Practical_Ransomware

• Encodings

• First Commands / Finding Strings

• Using Static Analysis tools

• Knowing Bulk_Extractor 

• _Practical_Malware Analysis 

• Threat Hunting - Introduction

• Threat Hunting - Understanding a new approach

• _Practical_Testing Security Sensors with The Zoo˝

• Empowering my SoC

• Creating “Criminal” minds

• _Practical_Testing Security Sensors with ˝Malware_Bazaar˝

• Simulating my Testing

• Python as weapon Attack

• Powershell as weapon Attack

• _Practical_Testing with Python

• _Practical_Testing with PowerShell

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