IOCs + APTs = "Let's play a game!" - Hack Your Way through a Hunt!

By: Leo Cruz


In order to threat hunt, in order to create threat intelligence, one must first identify the what before the where, the where, before the why, the why before the who, and then you’ll know who attacked you…maybe 🙂 In this CTF style threat hunt, you are placed in two seats. In one you are the attacker, the other, you are the defender. Somewhere in between, you have to realize that you are also the malware author, reverse engineer, network analyst, etc…however your path may be, you will need to find all of the IOCs before time runs out and the real adversary is not found.

An experience designed for you:

- Practice for the worst day.

- Simulated challenges based on real-world scenarios.

- Test the skills you know; learn the ones you need.

- Access to Talos, Security & Trust, and security industry thought leaders

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