AI-Driven Hacker's Toolkit: Using AI to Learn Python and Scapy for Exploitation and Post-Exploitation Techniques

By: Omar Santos


Everyone is Leveraging AI as a Co-Pilot. Let's do it to learn Python and Scapy for Red Team Operations and offensive security.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has paved its way into many fields, and cybersecurity is no exception. AI can significantly augment red team operations by enhancing the learning process of key tools like Python and Scapy. Let's delve into how AI can act as an indispensable co-pilot in mastering these crucial tools for cybersecurity tasks.

One of the primary benefits of utilizing AI in learning things like Python and Scapy is the technology's ability to create personalized, adaptive learning pathways. AI systems can analyze a learner's progress, identify areas where they struggle, and provide additional exercises and resources to bolster understanding. AI provides real-time, interactive feedback, allowing learners to identify and correct mistakes immediately. In red team operations, where precision and accuracy are paramount, such instantaneous feedback can significantly enhance the learning process. This feature is particularly beneficial in learning programming languages like Python and tools like Scapy, where troubleshooting and debugging are essential skills.

This workshop is designed to equip hackers, and IT professionals with advanced techniques and hands-on experience in reconnaissance, exploitation, and post-exploitation operations using Python and Scapy.

Participants will delve into the core of ethical hacking operations, gaining an understanding of Offensive Python.  Scapy - a powerful Python-based interactive packet manipulation program and library. The workshop aims to provide attendees with an arsenal of practical skills and techniques.

The workshop starts with crafting and interpreting TCP/IP packets using Scapy, essential for understanding network traffic and vulnerabilities. We then proceed to creating Python scripts to perform basic network scans and more advanced port scans. This will provide participants with the necessary skills to identify potential points of entry and weaknesses in a system.

Building on these foundational skills, the workshop progresses showing new AI models such as Gorilla, Llama2, and others. You will also learn from different resources from HuggingFace and Google Colab notebooks with hands-on examples.

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