Build Your Own Cat-Shaped USB Hacking Tool! (with the Nugget)

By: Alex Lynd


Want to learn how hackers compromise unlocked computers in seconds?

Come build your own USB attack tool in this beginner-friendly workshop, and learn to write prank payloads with your cat-shaped hacking companion - the “USB Nugget”! You’ll learn the techniques & tools hackers use to deploy USB attacks, and compete for prizes in a mini hackathon to make the most destructive payload!

In the first part of this workshop, you’ll be familiarized with soldering techniques & tools, and guided through assembling a Nugget - which comprises a cat-shaped PCB, screen, microcontroller, and a 3D printed enclosure.

The second half of the workshop introduces USB hacking and introduces beginners to common tools, techniques, and real-world scenarios. You’ll be guided through scripting fun prank payloads, and learn to deploy attacks from their Nugget using our "USB Nugget" software!

This workshop is beginner friendly :)

** Attendees will get a FREE hardware kit for hands-on exercises in this workshop donated by the Red Team Village!

(c)2023, Red Team Village