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Technical Presentations


The DEF CON 28 Red Team Offense Village has an amazing lineup of speakers and presentations! The talks range from introductory topics of Red Teamming to very advanced techniques and tactics. Speakers go over how they try to mimic a true adversary. Creating their own tools and exploits to compromise and access sensitive systems and information in any way possible, as quietly as possible. Call for Papers and Call for Volunteers are now open!

Checkout the recordings of previous presentations at our YouTube Channel! Please subscribe!


The village will have different stations with numerous exercises where participant can practice their skills and learn new ones. Most stations have exercises that can take you anywhere between 30-40 minutes to complete. We will also give you "homework" where you can complete dozens of other exercises. We will have laptops for you to complete the exercises, but feel free to bring your own. The following were the stations that were hosted last year in the village in DEF CON 27 (2019).

  1. Introduction to Red Teamming - True Red Team assessments are different from traditional pen testing. They follow some pen testing methodologies, but are more targeted and focused — designed to test the organization’s detection and response capabilities. This station will get you started with the concepts of Red Teamming.
  2. Hacking Modern Web Applications - This station walks you through different exercises related to hacking modern web applications. You will also receive tons of materials and additional exercises that you can complete in your own. You can take advantage of VMs and Docker containers that were created to practice your skills. 
  3. Sabotage - This station includes several exercises around infrastructure security. You will learn different concepts and skills related to performing assessments of enterprise infratructures and underlying systems.
  4. Cyber Attack Techniques - This station also includes severeal offensive security exercises that you can complete onsite. You can learn how to bypass security controls and cover your tracks.
  5. Introduction to Exploit Development - Participants of this station will learn the concepts of exploit development, introduction to return oriented programming (RoP), and many other concepts. 
  6. Russian Red Team Hack This Site! - What is the "Hacked in 15 minutes"?
    1) The participant take a seat
    2) Connects to the our network via Ethernet/wifi
    3) Shares his laptop screen on projector
    4) Opens site with the tasks and press "start"
    5) Participant gets link for a random task and description
    6) Timer starts (separate monitor)
    7) After 10 minutes, participant should drink a shot of vodka to get an additional minute
    8) If participant solves a task in less than 15 minutes he gets a prize (probably T-Shirt)
    by RED TEAM - OFFZONE Russia

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Thank you to our sponsors! The DEF CON Red Team Village is a community driven village. We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting the cybersecurity community and the DEF CON Red Team Village.

The Red Team Offense Village (RTOV) was created to bridge the gap between penetration testers and offensive team functions. While DEF CON is considered a “hacking conference” somewhat of an offensive conference, there are a great more challenges and villages devoted to defense.

The Red Team Offense Village is focused at training the art of critical strategy, collaboration and thinking. Where seventy five percent of the work should be done prior to any engagement. We say “not every nail requires a hammer” and not everything that looks like a nail – is.

By supporting the RTOV, you allow us to ensure the latest Equipment, Tools, Techniques and Materials are made available for learning, engagement and knowledge transfer. The Red Team Operator is a necessary component in the training of the Blue Team’s defense skills. These two teams help each other build skills and grow in abilities, while a blended approach teaches both skills (Purple) this approach makes no-one an expert at either.

The Red Team Offense Village focuses on a particular skillset (red) and works to build skilled, efficient operators. Thank you for your interest in supporting the RTOV and its furtherance of the mission to train the next generation of red teamers, ethical hackers, penetration testers, and operators. 

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